The Challenge

Accessing New Markets

Trading BRC20 with Wallet Limitations:

There's a real sense of frustration among Web3 users that they can't buy BRC20 or Ordinals directly through their go-to wallets like MetaMask. This gap in functionality is a significant challenge, especially for those who are used to the convenience and efficiency of their go-to wallets. Creating a new wallet can be a significant adoption barrier for new users.

High Fees for Purchasing Ordinals:

When it comes to buying Ordinals and BRC20 tokens, the cost can be a tough pill to swallow, often hovering around the $60 mark. This steep price tag adds a considerable cost to users, particularly for those who are conscious about optimizing their investment or have limited capital. Unfortunately this can deter many from exploring the emerging market of BRC20 and Ordinals.

Slow Ordinals Transactions:

Transactions with Ordinals can take a really long time, sometimes up to four hours. This slow process is annoying and makes things less efficient. In a world where quick and easy transactions are important, this delay is a big problem that affects how happy and profitable users are with their trading.