Wallet System

BeFi platform architecture lies an intricately designed wallet system, a testament to our unwavering commitment to security and user agency. The schematic presented herein delineates the methodology by which individual proprietors, herein referred to as product owners, may seamlessly amalgamate an array of cryptocurrency wallets under the aegis of a single, unified BeFi Account.

Integration Process

Commencing with the premise of address addition, the product owner is presented with the capability to tether diverse wallet addresses—specifically, those of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) provenance—to their central BeFi Account. This integration is predicated on the establishment of unassailable proof of address ownership, an endeavor achieved through the generation and verification of a cryptographic signature. This digital signature serves as the linchpin of our security protocol, undergirding the trust structure of the entire system.

Decision Architecture

A critical juncture in this protocol is the conditional evaluation of the wallet address's prior association with the BeFi Account. Should the address be hitherto unlinked, the protocol dictates a progression towards the signature verification phase. Conversely, if the system's records indicate an extant pairing, it judiciously circumvents any redundant authentication processes, thereby upholding our design philosophy of efficiency.

Continuity of Engagement

Subsequent to the successful execution of these preliminaries, the system transitions into a state of preparedness for sustained user engagement. The product owner is thus afforded the latitude to leverage the full suite of application functionalities, with the assurance that their array of digital assets is now adeptly interfaced with the BeFi ecosystem.